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    Ongoing Projects

           SELFNET - Framework for Self-Organized Network Management in Virtualized and Software Defined Networks.
           Cryptanalysis of Ubiquitous Computing Systems (CRYPTACUS).
           Design and Specification of Algorithms for CASeDPlatform - Safelayer Continuous Authentication and Security Deployment Platform.
    Finished Projects

          Iberoamerican Network for the Development of TDT and Interactive Applications Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV or DTT).
           Secure Infrastructure for E-Government.
           Implementation of a Secure and Accesible E-Government Platform for Rural Areas in Jordan.
           PATFI: Privacy-aware Accountability for a Trustworthy Future Internet.
           Banco de Pruebas Evaluador de Interoperabilidad entre Productos IPSEC.
           Modeling a Secure E-Government System in Jordan.
           Analysis, Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Architecture of Mobility for Next Generation Networks.
           Trust as a Service (TaaS).
           Intelligent Systems for the Analysis of Logs, Events and Security Alerts.
           Semantic & Ambient Trust Technologies III
           Secure Protocol of Autoconfiguration of IP Addresses for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
          Semantic & Ambient Trust Technologies II
          Design and Implementation of a Sniffer for Bluetooth
          Semantic & Ambient Trust Technologies (SAT2)
          Design and Development of a Secure SMS Platform for Symbian-based Phones
          Design and Implementation of the Data Validation Process of the Spanish Electrical Network with Certification of Results
          Management of Security and Confidence in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks
          Aspects of Security in Data Link Layer Protocols
          Secure Ad-Hoc Networks: Emergency System as a User Case
          Tool for Massive Data Storage with Implementation of Protocol IEC 870-5-102
          System of Management of Data Networks for Storage and Automatic Internet Processing of Company Bills
          Web Platform of Management of Energy Resources
          Hitachi Joint Study Agreement No. 3154
          Integration of Networks in Mobile Communications
          Implementation of McEliece Crypto System from New Algebraic Curves
          Application of Belief Networks to Computer Security
          IBM Joint Study Agreement No. 3086

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